Football manager 2012

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Cam F
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Football manager 2012

Post by Cam F »

I was having a look about bored waiting for the football and saw this thread which I found interesting and I actually own this one.

I own every CM game then every FM up to 2014.

So thoughts people on FM12? ... o-best?amp
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Football manager 2012

Post by HaroldFinch »

I actually felt like anything past FM10 got too complicated and slow. I can't remember spending much time on FM11 and FM12, and then FM13 onwards I played on mobile. I'm actually really enjoying FM06 at the moment, and I find it a bit odd that they rated it so much lower than FM05 given that it's pretty much the same game! It definitely has its flaws and minor issues, but the 2d match engine is actually pretty good (especially compared to CM4!), and I find myself enjoying the matches much more than CM0102 because of it. Being able to tweak individual player tactics a lot more is nicer too (even though I cannot tell exactly how much of a difference it makes!). I feel like there are a lot of minor improvements over a lot of the CM games, and it's before they added all the extra media/agent rubbish that was just there for show and didn't really affect anything. It definitely takes longer than CM games to complete a season, but I find match days much more exciting on it. But yeah, I can't remember much of FM12 :lol:
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Football manager 2012

Post by ÇiÇiToOo »

It's the game I play the most after the CM series. Along with the only fm I love and still play, maybe fm 14 touch. So why? because it is easy to play like CM with grid tactics. Plug and play.
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