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If it breaks forum rules, please delete it but this is the first FM game to really grab me. I bought 22 and 23, barely played 23 it was so bad. However, a positive review outlining how minor changes have made a massive difference made me nab a code to get 20% off and it's basically sucked up all my free time.

Playing as Imbabura in the Ecuadorian Serie B (can't remember if it's in the game or I got it via a patch). We've gone from 10th in a 10-team league, 7 points adrift to safe from relegation and in a distant third with one game remaining. Players seem to do what they're told, even if they can't actually do the role they've been given, which is how it should be.
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Re: FM24

Post by Coys »

I’m playing. I always buy it and get bored / frustrated with the match engine and then end up just using the game to research for the update.

It’s a bit of a set piece simulator. Second phase defending from corners is a big issue. I probably scored 15% of my goals from recycling the ball after the initial corner was cleared.

If they can fix set piece defending, and produce more open play highlights, it’ll be a good game.
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Re: FM24

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Not played for about 10-15 years as think it would be too time consuming!
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Re: FM24

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Redknapp69 wrote: Sun Nov 19, 2023 10:14 pm Not played for about 10-15 years as think it would be too time consuming!
That's what I dislike about almost all games nowadays. I loved to play the old Zelda's, but now with these wide words it takes almost an half hour just to get from 1 location to another.
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Re: FM24

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Downloaded the demo the other day but played like two pre-season games and quit, not touched it since. The game has lost everything that made it so great, now it's more of a full-time job and filled with tedious bloat. The pursuit of a realistic sim has nuked the enjoyment, while simultaneously limiting the player demographic drastically if you're to actually get any meaningful value out of it.

I also have FM23 and 22 but only put around 60 hours into each respectively, which is largely why I didn't jump on the pre-order for 24.
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Re: FM24

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Ban these Quislings.
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