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Important announcements regarding the game and the website will be made here. Please do take the time to read all topics to give you a better understanding of how champman0102 functions.
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Website Rules

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Website Rules

There are a number of rules put into place here at which we expect all of you to follow, even if you are part of a team on the website.

If any member is found to have broken any of these rules, they will be subjected to the infraction system of which you will find more detail below:

The Infraction System
1st Offence - Warning.
2nd Offence - 24 hour ban.
3rd Offence - 1 week ban.
4th Offence - 6 month ban.
5th Offence - Permanent ban.

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in an infraction. For a first time offence, you will be issued with an official warning where you will be reminded of the website rules. However, if you are found to break the rules once more, you will be issued with a 'yellow card' which is a 24 hour ban. Having been banned already from the site, if you come back and break the rules once again, you'll be given a 'red card' which will result in a one week ban. One final offence will then result in a long-term ban as you'll have had three chances to redeem yourself which is more than enough patience on our part. This long-term ban will be lifted after 6 months but if you are found to break the rules once again, you will be permanently banned.

The 'Managers' here on the website are those who will pass judgement as to whether you have broken a rule or not. Please leave the moderating to our team and avoid attempts to enforce the rules yourself. If you feel a rule has been broken, please use the 'Report this Post' feature in order to alert the team for action. Please also refrain from openly arguing over any decisions that have taken place. You may question decisions directly to the moderating via Private Message but there should be no arguing in public.

Abusive/Offensive/Threatening Language
We will not tolerate abusive, offensive or threatening posts of any nature (including racism) in this community. Please also refrain from belittling other members if they are found to have limited knowledge of the game or this website. We may have been here for over 10 years now but not every member is well established in the ways of the game.

The team reserve the right to judge whether a post contains such content and have the power to remove it immediately. They also have the right to act upon any items that are not listed below.

Please refrain from blatant advertising. If you wish to promote a website, please ensure that you speak to the Chairman of the website in order to gain approval.

Please refrain from creating multiple accounts. There is absolutely no need to own more than one account here and if you are found to have multiple accounts, we reserve the right to merge them into one account.

Only those with a VIP subscription may use a signature for their account. If you do use an avatar, please ensure that they are within the required limit of 80x80 pixels.

Please avoid posting completely in upper case. This can be construed as 'shouting' and is completely unnecessary.

Double Posting
Please do not double post. If you are found to have made similar posts, we will delete them. The same applies to posting threads of the same nature throughout the website.

If you wish to share an image, you'll find that you are unable to upload your image via this website. Please use a website such as imageshack to upload your image and then share the link here on this website.

Inappropriate, Mature or Adult Content
Please refrain from posting sexually explicit content on the website. The same applies to any images that contain violent or inappropriate content. Any post containing such images will be removed with immediate effect.

This is an English-speaking website. As a result, please ensure that you always post in the English language. We do appreciate that we have a global audience here on the website and there will be those who cannot speak English very well. As a result, if you are found to post in a foreign language, you will be asked to use a translator in order for us to respond to you correctly. Alternatively, feel free to speak to a fellow speaking member via Private Message.

Post Location
Please ensure that you post in the correct place. All of our forums have some descriptive text of their purpose and we expect you to read these in order to determine whether it is the right place to post.

Only those with a VIP subscription may use a signature for their account. If you do use a signature, please ensure that you do not use animated videos in your signature and please also ensure that you restrict your signature to a maximum of five lines and to a maximum size of 400x100 pixels. If you are found to break these rules, we reserve the right to remove the signature with immediate effect before contacting you to correct it.

Please be aware that you can use spoilers on the website. Please consider using such a feature if you are posting a large number of images within a post or if your images are particularly large. On a related note, please use spoilers if you are in the 'TV & Films' area in order to avoid spoilers for other members.

We are a fairly relaxed website when it comes to using terms that can be described as swearing. However, there are a number of terms which we will not tolerate on this website and you will be warned if you use it.

Text Speak
Please refrain from posting in text speak. It's an incredibly juvenile method of typing and we would like to encourage our members to post with a proper grasp of the language. There are some abbreviated exceptions to the rule such as LOL or IIRC.

Hopefully these set of rules are clear for everyone and easy enough for all of you to follow.

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