CML - Season 3

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CML - Season 3

Post by evesham »

West Ham 2-1 Really close game, good 2nd half comeback from 1-0 down with Dei and Locatelli having great games.
Leicester 3-0 Heskey sent off early and a penalty for us turned the game, easy victory against the 10 men.
Ipswich 3-0 After Claudio Lopez begging for a start up front, it was 3rd time lucky on the scoresheet bagging a hat-trick
Southampton 0-2 Lost Zenden after 18 minutes and we saved the worst performance of the season till last with only Lopez performing.

That shock defeat at St. Mary' could have cost us 5th in the league, which we secured on Goal difference from luke_21' Man Utd by 1 goal!! :shock:
Hopefully it will be enough to secure a spot in Europe for next season and overall I am pleased not to finish last out of all of us, which I was expecting because my team has zero superstars, I'm also happy to get 2 players into the squad for Team of the season.
Barry Ferguson scoring 15 goals and being top goalscorer says a lot about my strikers :lol:

Big congratulations to riise securing the Champions League and commiserations on a great effort from London35 knocking favourites Chelsea out in the semi-final and losing the final on penalties.

Congratz to bsup68 for winning the UEFA Cup, a great result in the final.

Huge congratz to Spectral' Chelsea, not only winning the league but becoming invincibles along the way and congratz on winning Manager of the Year.

Thanks for running the season Spectral, a lot of fun and a big effort, much appreciated 👏👏👏
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CML - Season 3

Post by riise »

Wowowowowow can't believe Leeds won the Champions League while coming 8th :lol: I almost feel bad on the other managers, they didn't deserve to lose to us! At least that's one thing Chelsea didn't win :D

Great work once again Spectral, thanks ;)
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CML - Season 3

Post by Spectral »

Pfft i lost fa cup and league cup too where did i won all ? :roll: maybe next season!! :D 8-)
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