Introduction: CM Forums United

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Introduction: CM Forums United

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Introduction: CM Vipers

CM Forums United are a fictional football club created within CM 01/02 managed by 'The Gaffer', with the aim of starting out in the English Northern Premier League and working their way to become one of the best teams in the world.

The squad is made up of members of who are invited to 'trials' and in turn, select a position that they wish to play in the forthcoming season, joining CM Forums United on a one year contract at the start of their career as a 14 year old with very limited skills!

This is the youngest age that a player can be added to the database, and is done so with the aim of prolonging a players career for as long as possible in this instance of our game. The idea is that you will improve as each season progresses, being able to earn points that you can then spend to improve yourself as a player.

The concept is an extremely simple one. Once you have joined CM Forums City, you will be given your own player thread where progress can be monitored throughout your career. Before each game, a post must be made which is seen as 'attending training', so you will therefore be in 'The Gaffer's' plans on the day of a match.

Those who play in each game will be able to achieve points depending on your position. Goalkeepers can earn points for clean sheets, as can defenders and the defensive midfielder. Every player can also win points for assists, goals or man of the match awards. These are all tallied up at the end of each season, where you will be able to spend these points on improving the attributes of your player. Bonus points are also awarded for any awards that you win throughout the season, as well as at the 'end of season' awards. You will also be rewarded for the number of times you have attended training throughout the season, which is an incentive to keep posting before each game, especially if you do not manage to get on the pitch.

At the end of each season, a new game will start where players are invited to once again register for the club on a one year contract, with priority given to those who attended training the most to select a position first. They will then be able to spend the points they have earned in the previous season and also given the opportunity to change position if they wish. These players will have aged by a year whilst any new players joining the club will begin life as a limited 14 year old in any position that is available.

Those who do not re-register for the following season will be kept in the game but released as a free agent.

The Gaffer traditionally lines up with a 4-5-1 formation. As a result, and to try and ensure there is enough competition in each position of the squad, players will only be able to select one specific position in the 4-5-1 formation each season. The positions that The Gaffer will be looking for three players in each spot are:

GK, DR, DL, DC (left footed), DC (right footed), DMC, MC, AMR, AML, AMC, SC.

The only information that is required from you when you register is the following:

1) Your REAL date of birth (just the date and month will suffice as I will make you 14 years of age in the game)
2) Your REAL nationality.
3) Your position (a list of available positions will be provided in the 'trials' thread for the current season)
4) Your squad number (a list of available squad numbers will be provided in the 'trails' thread for the current season)

Please note that this is NOT the thread to register for CM Forums United. A separate, new thread will be created each season.

Any questions, feel free to ask!

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