How is it decided when a player retires?

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How is it decided when a player retires?

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Does anyone know which attributes and/or other factors decides when a player choose to retire from the game. Is there a way to manipulate this, for exampel with a editor, to either advance or postpone the players descision.
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Re: How is it decided when a player retires?

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Replying to bump this as I am also interested in the answer. My observations (non scientific):
1. Squad status plays a part, someone who is given key player status will stick around a while longer, and they also seem to be the ones who give you a season’s notice they will retire rather than “announcing their shock retirement” and buggering off the next day
2. This could be a false correlation however as someone who has key player status is presumably playing in most games and therefore it could be consistently playing that keeps their strength and stamina atts up and stops them retiring. However you do see players move their retirement back a year if given a new contract by a new club in the close season during which they intended to retire, where presumably that new club has told them they will be important
3. The game seems a bit racist to me, African players seem to retire earlier than European players of the same position. However this might be based on either (a) statistical analysis of African players that the original programmers did or (b) to maintain competitiveness of non playable national teams, the AI retires them early and regens them as 26 year olds to keep a decent pool for international call ups
4. Since the game has different peak ages for strikers, mids, and defs it also generally has staggered standard retirement ages for those positions in the order I’ve listed them, so you’ll see strikers start to retire around 32 whilst defs stick around to 35/36
5. I suspect natural fitness is a big driver but it is likely interplay of this stat with others such as det and professionalism. This is consistent with other parts of the game where it’s not one att that drives performance but a combination of a few. Generally you’ll see strength and stamina decrease in advance of a retirement but I think this is driven by the interplay of the other atts, ie it is a symptom of upcoming retirement not the cause
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