Unofficial Twitter Challenges

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Unofficial Twitter Challenges

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General Smuts wrote: Thu Dec 16, 2021 2:53 pm Absolutely love this. I think CMRobbie had given out the Season 2 challenges - which I'll pick up but has since had to pull out of hosting his 'race' due to family commitments. Will have a snoop around for more challenges and post them up here.
Cheers bud, let me know season 2 rules, if they be been published otherwise I have some ideas for my own although I can't think of how to test their validity without clicking through a million screens. Just won my no rules match 28-0 will post a screenie later.🤣
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Unofficial Twitter Challenges

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General Smuts wrote: Thu Dec 16, 2021 3:14 pm
FrozyLucky wrote: Sat Dec 11, 2021 7:26 am
General Smuts wrote: Mon Nov 29, 2021 9:17 pm Over lock down a CM0102 community not unlike our own on this site has grown over on Twitter.
Can you please share the CM0102 community Twitter channels links here? At least the most notable and worth attention. I'll be grateful for that, and probably the others too.
Great idea!

@CM0102Smuts is definitely worth a follow and may I say - he's exceedingly handsome too.
@champman0102 is the forums page
@cm0102SL is a great concept run through Twitter where there are 14 managers (all have their own Twitter pages most well worth checking out too) against each other similar to the DTL on the forum and is streamed live twice a week on Youtube & Twitch. I'm the assistant manager at Dragons Destroyers and we are hopeless!
@SwempFA is another concept league that is streamed twice weekly on Youtube and Twitch where managers picked their own concept squads of varying levels of ability and pit them up against each other. It's far less competitive and very very accessible. I manage a team bottom of the second division called Ossie's Dream FC. My team is full of -2 potential wonderkids. As expected every one of them is rubbish in season 1 and 95% have rubbish PA as well.
@TheGamesGone1 is very active at the moment and is running a 16 team knockout tournament based on the AFCON. My Angola team was knocked out in the Quarter Finals. Sensing a theme here? If you search for the hashtag #ChampActOfKindness they are doing some really good charity stuff at the moment as well.
@TheEbfatz is one of our own and is currently charting his Inverness Caribbean Thistle save on Twitter.
@TatoSloth is a very very NSFW account that is ostensibly a CM0102 podcast
@NucLeo_8x is a good one to follow as once a month he posts a list of all the active CM0102 Twitter accounts with a brief description of who is doing what at the moment.
@champmegasave @cm0102legends @CMontherocks all other great follows that don't cross over with any of the above.
Thank you!
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Collection of Challenges

Post by Dagi7 »

I have made som CM Challenges over the years..

Take a look at some of them on this link: ... sp=sharing
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Collection of Challenges

Post by General Smuts »

Dagi7 wrote: Sat Dec 18, 2021 9:20 am I have made som CM Challenges over the years..

Take a look at some of them on this link: ... sp=sharing
Hey Dagi - moved your post into this topic to keep all the 'Official' forum challenges seperate.
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