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User Tactics - scemoka

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3-2-4-1 dsc: one of the best ever. very very solid. almost unbeteable. NEW!
4-1-4-1 dna: extremely solid. 4141tapani_iodine + some defense 451 superstranger+ my symmetrising.
Catenaccio: 4141 dna tweaked, Sweeper behinds than defenders everywhere.
Lobanovsky: renewed, now much more solid, direct team passing, works for every team.

3-3-3-1 gua: this is 3-3-3-1 iodine, later 3-3-3-1 rst symmetrised. (guardiola bayern)
3-5-2 jsc: crazy scoring tactic. tweaked ^Jack^s 3412.

2-6-2 MM: 262 MMJ symmetrised by one notch. (^Jack^)
2-6-2 rho: 4312 car - tweaked uppered wide wingers, solid-offensive.
2-6-2 XM: 262 rst became honest. very offensive. NEW!

M-3-2 rst: solid and very offensive. Fullbacks-1DC-2DMCs- 3 arrowed central MCs - no wingers.
+M: plus M is one of crazy scoring. fused from ultimatum+361drt+Looper352

4-4-2 cho: now more solid, no arrowed, cholo simoene.
4-2-4 frw : scoring tactic with wide side wingers. NEW!
4-2-3-1 cla: renewed more solid, more goals, balanced NEW!

christmas tree: my love!!! (nagoya grampus tweaked)
4-3-3 wia: c-tree tweaked, a little bit more offensive, widered AMCs to AML-AMR
4-3-3 hpt: high pressing. pure 433 wib c-tree, wob Desp's 4141tapani_iodine pressing alto.
4-3-1-2 car: my love!!! (defence and midline c-tree tweaked) life record. conceeded only 1 goal with Juve.
4-1-3-2 off: offensive symmectric 4132 tactic. (defend line c-tree tweaked)
3-4-3 att: my love!!! (AMLC-AMRC-SC line c-tree tweaked)
3-5-2 con: my love!!! genuine 352 - c-tree highered wingbacks&MCs, here AMC is second striker. +1000 years used.
3-5-2 dsc: wob most solid ever Desp's 3511 dna used- wib 3-5-2 con.
5-3-2 dna: wob Desp's most solid 3511 dna. wib 3 MCs and strikers from Lobanovsky, and direct team passing.
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User Tactics - scemoka

Post by Mark »

Not sure who gave you the link to this site, as it's still under development...
Just to let you know, things are going to be done differently with regards to tactics from here on in, but providing the above link for your own tactics will be useful. All tactics are now going to go into the downloads area to be shared with the public, and every 20 tactics will be put into a tactics pack.
You can still use the Tactics forum to upload tactics into, but I'll be asking a 'Tactics Team' to ensure that they are also uploaded to our own server and made available in the downloads area.
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User Tactics - scemoka

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Do i need someone who gives me the link?
Ok. :)
For extinguishing your doubts, i found the site by myself - just similar to previous ingame solutions , which mostly i did myself.
Early registiration from me not harmful i think.

I see that this site under development.
And i saw a thread about AI tactics, which has no new criteria, no new point of view.
Added something in simple, short and clean way - which is good for unborned future users.
I agree. If download section will be updating regularly - and copy from latest links from latest threads.
That will be good if there will no differences.

I will be happy, if the thing are going to be done differently with some restrictions.👍
As i am OCD strickly against duplicated things.
But i see that, there are lots of messy threads already created here which conflict your words ('' things are going to be done differently)
(such as fonts - can be in one post, but already it took so many threads-topics).

I sincerely wish you best, best development and best improvement of this new site.
I hope with this new site, new users will get better updates. (cities, wheather, nations, board members likes-dislikes)
(i still use my own database :(, which i update myself around 18 years. until 2012-.60, since 2012 .68)
I hope in this renewed site - to see new tools, new patches, new pregame-real time-save game editors, new tactics,
more threads-topics,posts about these tools,patches,editors,tactics -
less threads-topics-posts about story tellers - public masturbators.
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User Tactics - scemoka

Post by Spectral »

Hi scemoka, could you update the folder screenshot of each tactic ?
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