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User Tactics - scemoka

Post by ah786 »

Hi Scemoka,

thanks a lot, those tactics are brilliant you are a genius :)

Can you recommend a tactic that's unbeatable please to use in the big matches?

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User Tactics - scemoka

Post by maxx49 »

Hi Scemoka

Im looking for this tactic 4231 like play teams in cm 0102, image:
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User Tactics - scemoka

Post by kopanos13 »

scemoka wrote: Mon Nov 07, 2022 2:25 pm @NathMac87
Hi NathMAc87, i can suggest three formations. 4-3-3 wia, 4-4-2 dnk (at arrowed ML-MR position you can use AML-AMR players) and 4-2-3-1 csa.

Hi kopanos13 enjoy your 4312 CL which has 3 DMC = > 👍
Thanks, but it's not even a decent tactic. The DCs get very poor ratings and in general lacks in results. Sorry
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User Tactics - scemoka

Post by scemoka »

hi ah786, thanx, i said so many times which tactics are very solid and sharp. (newly a few posts above)
at the end you build your team under 3 SC - which needs 5-6 good forwards at squad, if recommend 1 SC or 2 SC solid tactic..
maybe your reserve DC/MC/AMC/wingers etc. worse than your SCs, so recommended solid tactic can be not work well.
try several ones, which are fit your players.

hi maxx49,
in the latest pack download/file.php?id=3547 there is 4-2-3-1 csa.
Wib you can move AML-AMR a few notches upper and they can be easily arrowed.
More higher also possible, keep in mind if you move them so much higher, they receive/touch ball less, which effects team's sharpness.

Don't forget that it is the second tactic in this shape from 1500 previously shared tactics, first one is France EURO 1984 winners => ... inners.tct
It means we have not enough material for comparison!
Work on more until you satisy, I hope - you can make better one...;)

Just tried with my torotest save file, it performed well with mixed team passing in full play.
(i decided that, because i don't want 7 defensive minded players - passing each other)
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User Tactics - scemoka

Post by trequartbeasta »

Thank you so much for your tactics, it's made playing the new updates fun again. I'm not a master tactician but introducing some of your tactics has given me the lift up I needed.
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User Tactics - scemoka

Post by daniel20vix2 »

Hey scemoka, what tactic do you suggest to beat the 262MMJ tactic in full play mode?
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User Tactics - scemoka

Post by ejonr65 »

Any chance of list with your non wib wob tactics.

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User Tactics - scemoka

Post by hczack »

@scemoka So... I'm playing the Apr 21 update and I'd like a suggestion. What is the best attacking formation? 2-6-2 MMJ or 2-4-1-2?
Thanks in advance
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