WibWob tactics - modify created tactics

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WibWob tactics - modify created tactics

Post by bsup68 »

Hi All :)

I've looking at quite a bit of the WibWob tactics and i'm wondering how adjusting things like run patterns will affect the wibwob settings and the performance of the tactic?

With run patterns im thinking adding an arrow to make a MC move up as an AM R or AM L or makeing D R and D L to move up a bit, to make a tactic fit to the players in a club.

Yes, as you probably guessed, i'm not big on wibwob knowledges as I played with tactics without wibwob back in the day :D
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WibWob tactics - modify created tactics

Post by jsparker23 »

I also played without wibwob in the day, however a number of the downloaded tactics use it. From the very little experience I have with wibwob, I was told things like "remove the gaps between the players without the ball" and "make the players form triangles with the ball". I got this from watching YouTube videos. However, I would say that sometimes this makes matters worse.

I think the short answer is "don't mess with it if you don't know what you're doing, unless you're OK with losing a few games until you get it right". That's my experience. I would say wibwob works better than without, when I've used it, but without knowing what you're doing I'd recommend downloading tactics and seeing which works with your team.
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