im rubbish - help

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ross savage
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im rubbish - help

Post by ross savage »

Hi, cry for help here,

Basically im rubbish, love this game and have been playing it for 20 odd years now, but im terrible at it. I never have a sustained period of success, always concede late goals which make me want to throw my laptop out the window, can never turn my teams into free scoring, unbeatable machines and often end up quitting and starting again.

Just how neccesary is it to get the right tactics, set the right training methods? Do i really need to do WibWob even though its tedious? Does it help right clicking on each player in tactics and giving them instructions....does tactics even work?? Because no matter how hard i try or whatever i do the same things keep happening. Players will get sent off despite tackling being on soft, change mentality to normal when winning and guaranteed i will still concede! Man mark, zonal.....NOTHING WORKS!

Or is it just pre-determined for each game?
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im rubbish - help

Post by ÇiÇiToOo »

Hello friend. I actually eat the same crap on all cm and fm series. Take the tactic, if you don't have Tapani iodine, Camf or my favorite info0, get a bug player and exploit the game You need a wib-wob in cm. I'm not saying it's true but it's been like this since damn Peter Prospar...Fm11-12 corner bug,cm03-04 like diablo. Maybe minor changes in tactics, reducing the player to 0 and getting the highest fee by trade. It's like making a month-to-month contract. What should I do with the training program when the late Tsigalko is present? Now I'm old and I don't have time when I say work, kids. Take the tactic tester tactic, plug and play. Never mind the training, it's not FM. Build the squad from the recommended players. Don't worry too much about my bad English.
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im rubbish - help

Post by Here2Win79 »

There's some sort of "how to win everything with anyone" guide out there, which might be worth a read, although if I remember rightly it advises you to wob your defence higher.

If you are playing against the recent tactics packs, a really good wib wob is essential to even accomplish the basics in the harder leagues.

If you are playing against original AI tactics, I'd say no, it isn't necessary to wib wob, unless you want to win every game. And have your striker score 3 goals per game. Which isn't why I play. If that is the experience you want then yes you have to wib wob. Well *you* don't have to wib wob, Basically you just go and download one of those tactics other people have built, plug any old shit players into it, and sit back and pretend you're a genius.

But with original AI tactics, you don't need to wib wob to win a league or the CL, although you might need a ton of patience, depending on how good a club you start with. And the right players.
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im rubbish - help

Post by Fodster »

The tactics have been ramped up in latest updates, simply revert back to original game CPU tactics and you wont have a problem
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im rubbish - help

Post by Max Force »

Before I discovered WibWob and decided Champ again after all these years due to the lockdown, I was getting no results in the March '20 update. Indeed, conceding late goals, whatever I did.

Then I discovered WibWob and it slightly improved. In the Nov '20 update I was successful winning trophies with Schalke 04 and Valencia and now in the April '21 update, my goal now is to win the Treble every single year.

I got enough inspiration from this forum concerning tactics, training and such, but in the end, I want to "do it" myself. So I won't download any tactic that has been proven golden.

I'm still learning things on this forum. My goal is to be successful with Non-WibWob, but I still have a long way to go.
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im rubbish - help

Post by Fiestita »

I'm currently doing like this (I started unemployed and got the job by midseason, so Cassino was awfully at the bottom of table).


I'm using a non wib wob setup


As you can see I play no target man since both my forwards are pacey dribblers. I have three CM with reasonably nice passing and creativity. Both at the side man mark, the central one zonal. Forwards no marking. Everyone else zonal. DM and CBs run with ball. I get better ratings with that on and I even get chances by CBs rushing up. If the other side gets someone sent off I'll turn forwards run on, on Celli and put an arrow to AM.

Full backs on run with ball, forward runs and crossings on.
The 5 attacking men (CMs and FWs) active in hold up ball, run with ball and forward runs. When up in score, I turn off pressing on everyone but 4 defenders, because pressing on helps with off side trap. I may leave press on with fowards if the opposintion have woodleg players at their back.
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