Lower leagues the Netherlands

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the Dutch
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Lower leagues the Netherlands

Post by the Dutch »

Hi to all..

I have an idea that go’s trough my mind for a long time and that is to create the lower leagues in the dutch league but i dont know wich tool to use. Can you just add some leagues and players in the editor or not?
Cam F
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Lower leagues the Netherlands

Post by Cam F »

No it's not that simple unfortunately.

You either need to get swap countries with one that has then league structure you want or use coding editing (advanced) to add a league from another country below the dutch leagues but then you would have to add promotion, relegation, not an easy task.

I am not really best placed to advise as my attempts at adding nations/swapping leagues failed but maybe others will be able to give some advice.
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Lower leagues the Netherlands

Post by Nebur86 »

I think it's only possible if you swap with other nation/leagues

I had almost finished swapping all Dutch and Belgian teams and followed the league swapping guide. But unfortunately I still ran into errors, just when i had all amateur clubs from NL added in the Belgian leagues etc. It's just a bit beyond me.

I think the guys on here who created league patches before could easily create a Dutch league with lower league's if you switch it with like Belgium or Italy or any other nation that has lower divisions. It's just beyond my capability. Maybe if somewhere someone wanted to help with that part we could do it
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