Fonts and Colour Schemes...

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Fonts and Colour Schemes...

Post by Nicol87 »

has or can anyone recommend a nice colour scheme and font that work well together as I'm at a loose end in choosing and wondering what to choose, any help would be appreciated - cheers lads :)
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Fonts and Colour Schemes...

Post by Alias47 »

The problem with this question mate is that it is very broad - impossibly so. How can someone pick a colour scheme and font for you with zero information or insight about you and your game(s)?

Here's a few things that could narrow it down:
Are you looking for particular colour(s), like to match with a team/nation?
Do you prefer colourful or a you a dark mode man?
Are you using background pack(s) or are you OK with background changes OFF and having one solitary pic all the time?

Your question is too broad for me so the best I can do is point you in the direction of various threads, they all have preview pics so you can see if you like any of them...

COLOUR SCHEMES (downloads):
COLOUR SCHEMES (general thread):
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