MAC Problems & Queries

We have provided installation instructions and FAQs for each of our downloads. Please take the time to read these then post in the relevant section if you have not found a solution for your issue.
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Re: MAC Problems & Queries

Post by Kreuzbogger »

TijaniBabangida wrote: Wed Apr 24, 2024 11:15 am
Kreuzbogger wrote: Wed Apr 24, 2024 9:29 am Hi guys, I have a question about the official editor. I'm on a Macbook running 10.14.6. Playing the CM0102.Starter.Kit.Mac.v1.2.2 version of the game. When I make and save changes in the editor nothing happens when I start the game again. An example being I change the reserve division and kit colour for a team and then save the changes in the editor. After closing the editor and starting a new game none of the changes are visible.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening or what am I doing wrong? Cheers :)
Have you tried a more simple change like moving a player into another team or changing someone's potential ability or an attribute or something? Make a simple change and see if it works. Then you know the issue is with the things you are trying to change rather than anything else.
Thanks! Yeah, I changed the team foreground and background colour and that works. I tried tweaking the reputation value as well, but sadly no change
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Re: MAC Problems & Queries

Post by TijaniBabangida »

Interesting. I can't imagine why some things work and some don't - I've never heard of that happening before.
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CM Gurus required (MAC users)

Post by dazgen »

Hi guys,

Ive trawled through the posts here and really cant find anything that can help me or anyone who has posted about this issue in detail or with solutions. So please, if you can, HELP ME!! :D

I am running CM01/02 on my mac via diskimagemounter and then launching the game and it works perfectly and never has any issues.

I want to find/install a saved game or regen editor tool or similar, but when I download those tools and go into find the saved game, it never shows. I think this may have something to do with using diskimagemounter? But not entirely sure.

I can load the editor programmes and then navigate to the CM0102 folder on my machine but there are no save files showing in any of the folders. Anyone have experience or any other software options that can help while using diskimagemounter?

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Re: CM Gurus required (MAC users)

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Have you been through this thread? -
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Re: MAC Problems & Queries

Post by Mailc81 »

I’ve finally got it working thru crossover, downloaded the starter kit, mounted disc, and ran thru crossover, which isn’t ideal as it’s only a 2 week free trial 😢, hopefully I can maybe get it to work by entering command via terminal by maybe slightly adjusting the command, although the game is in download file, so not sure what I’d change ? 😳
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Re: CM0102 on Mac

Post by Nolu »

Did you have any luck with this? Struggling to download it on my macbook
anipipas wrote: Thu Feb 08, 2024 3:17 pm Hi, I have a M1 Pro with Ventura, is there a way to run the game on it?
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Re: MAC Problems & Queries

Post by Mailc81 »

Yeah I’m back to square one, crossover trial is over and ideally wouldn’t want to pay £60, but from the notes in the GitHub I don’t think you can get it to run on a Mac M1, well I can’t 😢
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