Mac OSX - issues with windowed mode & scrolling

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Mac OSX - issues with windowed mode & scrolling

Post by JonBetts »

Hi guys,

I've been trying to get my Starter Kit running on Mac over the past couple of weeks, but there are a couple of things that I'm not happy with, and hence don't want to release anything yet. And it doesn't matter whether I use PlayOnMac, Crossover, Wineskin or anything else because they all use WINE in the background anyway.

Firstly, full screen mode is perfectly fine, and windowed mode is fine (provided you can start the game windowed), but changing from full screen to windowed in-game causes the game to disappear, and then when you alt-tab to switch back to it, the window is now basically full screen, but the game only takes up the same space it did before and the rest is taken up by either white blank space or black blank space! This can be seen below:

I have tried forcing an initial 800x600 screen resolution with an emulated virtual desktop but that doesn't help. I've also attempted to disable Direct3d but that also does nothing. I've also got Wine Gecko and Mono pre-installed, and also tried another approach which is installing any DirectX runtimes I might need. Because it's an in-game setting I guess it's hard to force windowed mode :cry:

Second problem is scrolling on a scrollbar - when you start scrolling down, it will continue all the way to the bottom even if you try to scroll up at any point. It's like it's stuck or something. To be fair, I haven't tested this with an external mouse, but it's definitely an issue on my trackpad.

Just wondering if anyone has managed to find a way around these issues when installing CM on their Mac (ignoring what version of OSX you're on)?
Also just to add these issues happen regardless as to whether or not I'm using the Starter Kit - running the game directly still causes problems!

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