[TOOL] Loans Duplicator 2

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[TOOL] Loans Duplicator 2

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Loans Duplicator 2

Tool/Database Editing

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Loans Duplicator will generate a second entry for every loan with the game where a team has a main side and a B, II, Amateure side. The purpose is to ensure loans load for players that may either get demoted to the B team or promoted to the main side when loading a new game. For example:

Luismi Cruz has loan from Sevilla B to Barcelona B. If he was promoted by the AI to either Sevilla or Barcelona main sides when the game loads, his loan would fail/not show in game. This occurs for 1000's of loans with each Data Update, especially in Spain, Portugal and Germany where linked B teams exist (it will occur with any team where the main side and 2nd side have the same long name plus B, II, Amateure at the end of the long name of the 2nd side)

Installation Instructions
You can just download, unzip files to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Championship Manager 01-02\ folder, then click exe. Ensure to tick Run As Administrator in Properties > Compatibility of the file.

FAQs and Technical Support
Have you followed the instructions above to the letter but have come across an issue? If so, then do not worry!
We have worked hard to put together a FAQ specifically to this type of download so all you need to do now is click on the link below and you'll be taken to our 'Technical Support' area where you will hopefully find a solution to your problem.
However, if you find that no solution has been provided, then please do use this same thread to report your issue and in order for us to help you, please be as detailed as possible. If a solution has been found, we will then update the FAQ with your own issue for others who may come across the issue in the future!
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