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[TOOL] Line-Up Viewer

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Line-Up Viewer


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The Line-Up Viewer is a program developed by Zozoa. The Line-Up Viewer allows the user to view the strongest possible line-up for each team in the database. This only works on pre-game data , not on saved games.

Installation Instructions
Download from the link and extract to anywhere on your computer.
1- Run setup.exe and install the program.
2- Run line-up viewer and select the main CM directory (It should already appear by default. But if it doesn't, the filepath should be: (unless you specified otherwise during the installation of the game) in ' C:\Program Files (x86)\Championship Manager 01-02 ').
3- Simply enter the name of the team you wish to view the strongest line-up for and click Search, select the team and away you go!

FAQs and Technical Support
Have you followed the instructions above to the letter but have come across an issue? If so, then do not worry!
We have worked hard to put together a FAQ specifically to this type of download so all you need to do now is click on the link below and you'll be taken to our 'Technical Support' area where you will hopefully find a solution to your problem.
However, if you find that no solution has been provided, then please do use this same thread to report your issue and in order for us to help you, please be as detailed as possible. If a solution has been found, we will then update the FAQ with your own issue for others who may come across the issue in the future!

Download Link
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