[TOOL] Android Phone / Tablet Tool Setup

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[TOOL] Android Phone / Tablet Tool Setup

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Android Phone/Tablet Setup for CM0102 , Version: v1-2022-February


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Android tablet/phone setup for CM0102 to play on Android 11+12+possibly all other versions.
Note: Android_SetUp_files_CM0102_v1 is newest version in download and supports mouse pointer. This now has a mouse pointer so if you're using an Android device with a keyboard instead of a touchscreen - you can still play fine.

Installation Instructions (READ + FOLLOW CAREFULLY!):
1. Transfer Exagear_Windows_CM0102_Nick.apk + main.30.com.eltechs.ed.obb to your phone.
2. Copy main.30.com.eltechs.ed.obb to the folder /sdcard/Android/obb/com.eltechs.ed
^ Needs to be exactly that case. You will need to create the com.eltechs.ed directory. Total Commander is one file manager that can help with this.
As you will need to give yourself permission to /sdcard/Android/obb - Total Commander is pretty userfriendly for that.
3. Then use your file manager or another app to install Exagear_Windows_CM0102_Nick.apk
4. It should then install, open the application up and it should unpack the obb file and load up.
5. Copy your CM0102 files to the /sdcard/ExaGear directory (you will need to create that directory again with exactly the same case (i.e. big E and G)).
6. Go back to the "ExaGear - Windows" app and then select the 3 lines on the top left to go to the Container Manager page.
7. Hit the + in the right hand side of the Container Manager. This will create Container_1
8. Click the dots on Container_1 and then click on the 3 dots to the right of "Container_1" and select "Run Explorer"
9. You should now be in a Windows style environment and you will find /sdcard/ExaGear mapped to the D:
10. Pressing all four fingers in a tap motion on the screen will bring up the menu - select "Show side panels"
11. Find your cm0102.exe in explorer and then click the mouse icon in the top left to switch to right mouse button mode.
12. Click on cm0102.exe and you'll bring up a little grey menu.
13. Click on the Mouse Icon again to go back to left mouse button mode.
14. Select Create link from the grey menu. This will mean a link will appear in ExaGear Windows under the Desktop section which you can use going forward.

Getting around the CD Check:
1) The CD check for CM0102 just checks that there's a CD in the machine with a cm0102.exe in its root.
2) To emulate this in ExaGear Windows, load up the container via "Run Explorer" and copy a cm0102.exe to the Z: drive
3) Then go to Z:\usr\bin\winecfg and load that up. Select the Drives tab, click on the Z: in the drive lettering and then click "Show Advanced"
4) Change the Type from Autodetect to CD-ROM and then click ok.

1) Sometimes it crashes when starting up a link or container. Just reload and try again.
2) The keyboard option in the normal menu (brought up by tapping your four fingers simultaneously on the screen) won't pop up.
To bring up the keyboard, tap 4 fingers, select "Show side panels" then select SYNC on the right to bring up the keyboard.
You can hit SYNC again to remove the keyboard (or use the normal menu, as it will work to hide the keyboard, not show it).
3) Dragging players or the run lines on tactics screen does work. Just hold your finger over the spot for a second then drag it and lift your finger off.

Changes to Exagear Windows:
1) Added support for 1280x800 resolution
2) Changed to use the /ExaGear directory (like ExaGear Strategies) + have the permissions to support it
3) Added support to have right-click dragging (like I did for ExaGear Strategies) so you draw the run lines in the tactics editor
4) Removed the Rate Application dialog that would pop up
5) Removed trying to send stats to Google
6) Renamed the Civilisation 3 controls to CM0102
7) Made the SYNC button toggle the on screen keyboard
8) Hides the sidebar buttons on load
9) Changes the default overrides for Explorer mode to off
10) New version v1 in download supports mouse pointer. This now has a mouse pointer so if you're using an Android device with a keyboard instead of a touchscreen - you can still play fine.

FAQs and Technical Support
Have you followed the instructions above to the letter but have come across an issue? If so, then do not worry!
We have worked hard to put together a FAQ specifically to this type of download so all you need to do now is click on the link below and you'll be taken to our 'Technical Support' area where you will hopefully find a solution to your problem.
However, if you find that no solution has been provided, then please do use this same thread to report your issue and in order for us to help you, please be as detailed as possible. If a solution has been found, we will then update the FAQ with your own issue for others who may come across the issue in the future!

Android Phone / Tablet Tool Setup FAQ >>> https://www.champman0102.net/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=1579

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