[Background Packs] Football League Championship 2022-2023 (800x600)

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[Background Packs] Football League Championship 2022-2023 (800x600)

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Background Packs Football League Championship 2022-2023 (800x600)

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This pack contains the stadiums, crests, shirts, managers and players of all 20 Football League Championship (Eng) clubs.

Images tested with "Data Update October 2022"

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Installation Instructions (Windows)

Installing a package in the background

Step by step instructions
1) Download the background pack by clicking on the file name in the opening post under "Download Link".
2) Once downloaded, click on the zip file and it will open in File Explorer.
3) Extract content to a preferred location on your device.
4) Open the folder and you will see a number of RGN files and a pcs.cfg file. Highlight all of these files and click "Copy".
5) Go to the "Pictures" folder within the Championship Manager 2001/2002 directory. This can usually be found (unless specified during game installation) under "This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Championship Manager 01-02".
6) Inside the "Pictures" folder, paste the files you copied in step 4.
7) The message "Replace or skip files" may appear. Click "Replace files in destination".
8) The error message "Access to the destination folder is denied" may appear. Select the 'Do this for all current items' option, then click 'Continue'.
9) Congratulations, you have installed the background pack!

Video instructions


FAQ and technical support

Did you follow the instructions above to the letter and watch the video tutorial but ran into a problem? If so, then don't worry!

We have worked hard to put together an FAQ specifically for this type of download, so all you need to do now is click the link below and you will be taken to our 'Technical Support' area where you will hopefully find a solution to your problem. .

However, if you feel that no solution has been provided, please use this same thread to report your issue, and in order for us to help you, be as detailed as possible. If a solution has been found, we will update the FAQ with your issue for others who may experience the issue in the future!



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