The Hall of Fame consists of memorable topics, stories, CM 01/02 Legends, awards and members who have made a huge contribution to CM 01/02 over the years,
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After the recent champman0102.co.uk 2010 Awards, Tapani was announced as the winner of the "Hall of Fame Inductee" award which was a new category at the ceremony.

It is in fact the first time that a member has been inducted into our Hall of Fame and by God, it is a hugely deserving accolade for a man who has given so much to the community!

14th September 2005

This is the date where Tapani changed the face of Championship Manager 2001/2002 for many members of the community which existed back then at www.thedugout.net. It was the day that he announced the very first release of his patch which was named as Tapani 2.15. The thread itself is still available to the public at the dugout.net here.

From that day onwards, Tapani's programming has become a revelation in the world of CM 01/02 with many budding programmers looking to emulate him in their own way. Each new version of the patch over the years has corrected various parts of the game as the patch became bigger and better, culminating with the very latest version even including a new interface!

To make it even more remarkable, Tapani has often spent large periods of time away from the website and yet he still comes back to the community with new releases. It puts things in perspective when a percentage of our members won't even play the game without Tapani's patch anymore!

5 years of service to patching and programming and all just to provide enjoyment for hundreds and thousands of people free of charge... And for that, we thank you Tapani with permanent VIP access to the website and of course, the first person to be inducted into our Hall of Fame!

Congratulations Tapani!

Many thanks from me and the rest of the 01/02 community!

Quotes from a selection of members over the years
info0 wrote: Thank you for all your hard work over the years. I still remember your vast knowledge and testing you have done on The Dugout forums! Thank you for the patches and harder AI tactics (used patches from the very first one, bit unstable back then haha ).
The Hall of Fame place is well deserved and I still have your articles stored. Once again thanks for all the hard work!
Blue Demon wrote: I`m not a user of the patches myself, but I remember well from the Verzer days that I could allways turn to `The Wizard` for all my unsolvable problems. And I still do sometimes.
Red9 wrote: Talk about a reviver!
Tapani has done some amazing things but sometimes it's the simple things that do it for me. I love the tweaks that he has brought to the game. Believe it or not, if it wasn't for the colour editor I don't think I would have been involved in this site very much. The fact that we can change the colours is something simple yet so effective.
And to top it off, just when I thought the update/GFX teams had taken this game as far as it could go, Tapani comes up with a completely different user interface - fantastic.

Tapani deserves all of the praise he gets (and much more)!
zozoa wrote:Tapani, in my opinion you are the reason many people keep playing this game after so many years. I'm proud to say that I have learned a lot from you about how to patch the game.
GoofyZ wrote: Tapani........ the one name that everyone in the CM world knows. I wasn't around in the days of the Dugout so my first real experience of the great man was here at CM0102 when i discovered his patches and a whole new world of CM enjoyment opened up to me (can't play the game without coloured attributes anymore ) . When i first joined this forum Tapani wasn't really that active and would only pop on now and again with a little 'hello' and a few words of wisdom....... then all of a sudden, bang!! He releases a new patch with so many fixes/improvements, so much time spent improving an old game simply for the enjoyment of others and totally free of charge Then of course, we move on to his latest patch.......... WOW!! The new interface is mind-blowing I have no knowledge of programming so i had no idea something like that was even possible

After getting to know Tapani a bit better i asked him how the hell he managed to do so many tactic tests so quickly....... he was kind enough to let me in on his secret and allow me to be a guinea pig of sorts by testing his DEV mode patch......... kinda made me feel a bit special that

Anyway, thats enough blabbing from me.......... Tapani, congratulations on your Hall of Fame inducement, thoroughly deserved mate - you truly are a CM LEGEND!
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