The Hall of Fame consists of memorable topics, stories, CM 01/02 Legends, awards and members who have made a huge contribution to CM 01/02 over the years,
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A prestigious award which has only been won three times in the past who have dedicated hundreds of thousands of hours into the world of Championship Manager 2001/2002.

The Hall of Fame inductee for 2015 is another individual who has contributed just as much into 'the game' as the previous three and is very richly deserved indeed.

It all began a few years ago with the release of Flex where he'd managed to break down changes for the game into one single click of a button within his program. Approximately, 27 versions of Flex have been released over the years which included several features such as team swap, speed adjuster, colour adjuster and a tool to release all players in the game. That led to the release of Flex 2 which featured even more applications to edit the game in any wish you wish. Most recently though, we've seen the release of the 'JLCollection' which puts all of his best work together into one.

His contribution doesn't end there either. A huge amount of effort has gone into searching and providing offsets which alters the game engine in some way, shape or form. He's responsible for numerous of offsets which has paved the way for others to expand their knowledge into the game which cannot be underestimated in the slightest.

I'm sure you'll have worked it out by now but this year's Hall of Fame inductee is JohnLocke.

Thank you indeed for your efforts over the year, JohnLocke!
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