[AWARDS] champman0102.co.uk Awards - 2013

The Hall of Fame consists of memorable topics, stories, CM 01/02 Legends, awards and members who have made a huge contribution to CM 01/02 over the years,
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[AWARDS] champman0102.co.uk Awards - 2013

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Well, the period of casting nominations has been open long enough for people to vote. Rather disappointedly, there were only 12 members who took the time to put forward their nominations. Many thanks to those 12 that did so.

Without further ado...

Most Blatant Post Booster - info0

With three nominations, info0 wins the award as the Most Blatant Post Booster for 2013!

Over the years, info0 has become associated with posting music videos YouTube or inserting emoticons into his posts and it is perhaps this style of posting that has earned him the award. Interesting, info0 has not visited the website since January 10th after constantly comparing Football Manager to Championship Manager 2001/2002.

Nikolayov, Chris_3_16 and Fodster also received nominations in this category.

Most Improved Poster - BobMem and Fabbs

Three nominations each means that BobMem and Fabbs share the award as Most Improved Poster for 2013! Fabbs has been nominated in this category despite only registering to the website in August in 2013. BobMem though has been a member for a few years and possibly 'came out of his shell' in the past 12 months and thus becoming involved in the community, something that has been recognised by his fellow members.

Special mentions must go to Nikolayov, Golly, Pasquale and ilovesanmarino who were also nominated.

Best Thread - 'Screenshots'

For a game that is now 13 years old, there are still some surprises thrown at us and most of these have been captured and shared in the 'Screenshots' thread which is shared by the community. Whether it's something amusing, something to boast about or something that has never been seen before, it's all found in this thread.

Also mentioned as nominees were 'Offsets', 'Funny Pictures/GIFs', 'Are You The Next - Series 4', 'CM Vipers', 'English Premier League 13/14', 'A Golden and Fearless Ambition', 'Comments and Questions that Don't Warrant a Thread' and 'Personal managerial habits/rules'.

Best Thread Starter - Mark

With six nominations, Mark wins the Best Thread Start for 2013! Since returning to the website as owner once again, there have been a series of competitions and stories for the community to follow.

Special mentions must go to ilovesanmarino, Bevchenko and wato20 who were also nominated.

Most Intelligent - JohnLocke

A much coveted award? The Most Intelligent Member for 2013 has been awarded to JohnLocke with six nominations! Sadly, not much of a regular poster at the presence, JohnLocke provided an insight to the game after identifying a number of offsets and also 'breaking down' the Tapani Patch into a series of options provided in the JL Patch. In addition to that, he has also discovered endless amounts of offsets and provided them in the patch as well.

There were quite a lot of nominations for this category and we must also mention djole2mcloud, AMC, Chris_3_16, Craig Forrest, Golly, ZanSnake and MarcoVanBast.

Best Newbie - Nikolayov

Thankfully despite the game being 13 years old, we can still attract new members to the website which has been epitomised by the voting of six members this year with Nikolayov winning the award with six nominations! Nikolayov actually registered to the website in September 2012 but burst onto the scene during the latter part of 2013, providing excellent information in the Scouting section of the website which has led to his appointment as a Scout on the CM 01/02 Update Team. His work has also seen him win the past three Member of the Month awards!

Kaneman, Sam, Golly, Fabbs and ilovesanmarino are the other five members who were also nominated for this award.

Funniest Poster - ozRooster

Although there were nine members nominated for this award, only one member won more than one vote as ozRooster is voted as Funniest Member of 2013 with six nominations. ozRooster has been a regular in the community for many years now and his humour has always gone down well with his fellow members. His more recent posts have seen a number of amusing headlines in the Soccer Manager competition that always brings a chuckle as you read them.

As ever, special mentions go to Goofy, Coys, Janis89, wato20, Fodster, Dermotron, ZanSnake and ilovesanmarino for bringing us laughter in their own ways.

Member of the Year - Mark

Eight members were put forth for the Member of the Year award for 2013 and with just one vote ahead of Dermotron, Mark wins the award. Mark and Dermotron are possibly viewed as two of the busiest members of the website as they strive to keep the game alive as Dermotron looks after the affairs of the CM 01/02 Update Team while Mark largely focuses on the website and its VIP sections.

Dermotron received three votes while EL-TOPPO, Jesus, ebfatz, milo, ozRooster and wato20 were also nominated.

Best Staff - Dermotron

Richly deserved, Dermotron wins the Best Staff award for 2013 and it's easy to see why. As already mentioned, Dermotron is a regular member of the website and a valuable part of the community. His role in the CM 01/02 Update Team is of vital importance while his generosity in helping out the community also extends to technical support and providing some very well documented tutorials, both video and readable.

Special mentions must also be sent to milo, Fodster, Cam F, Chris_3_16, Patinoz, Mark, Goofy and the entire CM 01/02 Update Team!

Best Foreigner - info0, ozRooster

Perhaps something of a tough category given that the regular members of the website are from all over the world, not just from the UK. info0 and ozRooster are the winners of this category with two votes each for reasons already mentioned in previous awards. ozRooster has often been a vocal member of the community as has info0 who has also contributed on the tactical side of the game this year.

Special mentions must go to Patinoz, merkezekrem, milo, Craig Forrest, colml and Dermotron.

Post of the Year - Fodster

The post of the year has been a tough category with some members only providing their fellow member as a vote rather than the actual post. However, there were five clear nominations and the Post of the Year for 2013 goes to Fodster who put everybody in stitches with his response to the topic 'insert faces'.

CM Vipers, Bananas!, ozRooster's post in 'Football Manager 2014' and Golly's post in the 'Offsets' topic were also mentioned.

Moment of the Year - 'Website Ownership'

The Moment of the Year for 2013 has been declared as the return of Mark as the owner of the website. In April, Mark took over the reigns from WelshRed who found it difficult to commit the time required to administrator the website.

Other momentous parts of 2013 were the CM 01/02 Update Team releasing a BETA save ahead of the Autumn Data Update, the release of the JL Patch, the release of the March 2013 Data Update, the return of CM Vipers, the emergence of Championship Manager 2000-2001 and the censorship.

Best Story - Are You The Next - Series 4

It is terribly hard work to remain dedicated to a story and ensuring that you stick at it long enough to complete it. But imagine doing so for four of them! That's exactly what wato20 did as he worked on the fourth series of 'Are You The Next' which was an interactive story allowing you to create yourself as a player in a game that wato20 runs and improving yourself as you go along and making career choices along the way. wato20 provided some fantastic work in all four series, going as far as providing graphs to monitor your improvement. I'm sure we are all looking forward to the prospect of a fifth series!

Special mentions must also go to 'The World of Football Management - Chapter 1', 'No-one will ever laugh at me again', 'It's Fergie Time' and 'Kids and Grown Ups Love Him So'.

Hall of Fame Inductee - Dermotron

Since the yearly awards began, we have only ran the category 'Hall of Fame Inductee' once and that well deserved honour went to Tapani. This year, we have opened the category up once again and the 2013 inductee sees Dermotron deservedly win the award.

Dermotron first joined us many years ago as a regular member. After some time, he joined the CM 01/02 Update Team and has worked his way up the ladder to the very top of the structure within the team over the years, providing valuable insight into the game. His experience with the database has also seen him assist many lost members along the way in Technical Support and troubleshooting the database itself when things go wrong behind the scenes. He is also a part of the moderating team for the website and single-handedly looks after the downloads section, often providing tutorials and even videos for members to install files.

Dermotron's willingness to help was also gratefully received by WelshRed who made it known how valuable Dermotron was during this period where WelshRed was unable to find the time to administrator the website. Thanks to Dermotron, the website continued ticking along up until Mark returned as owner once again.

If you view the list of members that the website currently has and sort them by the amount of posts they have made, Dermotron tops the list by almost 5,000 posts! That fact alone simply speaks volumes of the amount of work that Dermotron does to 'Keep the Game Alive''.

We salute you, Dermo :ok:

Congratulations to Dermotron and everybody else who not only won one of the awards for 2013 but were also nominated for their efforts in 'Keeping the Game Alive' in 2013. All winners have received a year's worth of VIP membership!

As a community, we will always do what we can do preserve the life of a now 13 year old game!

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