[AWARDS] champman0102.co.uk Awards - 2014

The Hall of Fame consists of memorable topics, stories, CM 01/02 Legends, awards and members who have made a huge contribution to CM 01/02 over the years,
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[AWARDS] champman0102.co.uk Awards - 2014

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[CENTER]www.champman0102.co.uk Awards

Well, would you believe it? Another year gone and our 9th birthday as a website dedicated to updating 'THE' game that is Championship Manager 2001/2002!

Compared to previous years where we had occasions such as WelshRed taking over, the CM 01/02 Update Team merging into one, myself returning as the owner, this year has been a relatively quiet one!

Nevertheless, we are still here and we are still plugging away with regards to updating the game and providing a home to all of our 0102 gamers.

Without further ado, I would like to welcome you to the awards for 2014 where each winner will win a one year subscription as a VIP member!

Category 1 - Most Blatant Post Booster
Previous Winners: info0, Fodster (x2), m0ri, Champman01/02.

This category isn't particularly one that our members have the aim of winning but it is an award nonetheless. Exactly what it says on the tin, it honours a member who appears to be posting just for the sake of posting. info0 and Fodster won the award between them in the previous three years and they were once again voted by the community but they actually haven't won the award! There were some additional names put forward including Bevchenko, Nikolayov, ZanSnake, The Eejit and troza. However, the winner by a clear margin of five votes is actually Beezer,Celtic1967.

Category 2 - Most Improved Poster
Previous Winners: BobMem, Fabbs, Jesus, Dermotron, Lee, Brian.

Category 2 is certainly one of the more favourable awards to win and it is dedicated to members who have improved their reputation in the community in the past year. BobMem won the award with Fabbs last year as someone who was previously quiet and unknown before suddenly became a vocal member of our community. Oddly, he was once again nominated for the award as were Baron Zbing, ebfatz, faz44, milo, Pasquale and ZanSnake. It was actually quite closely contested award but the winner is Fodster.

Category 3 - Best Thread
Previous Winners: Screenshots, "Are you fuc@ing kidding me?", FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, BABES BABES BABES (x2).

What have been the best threads in 2014? Sometimes it is quite often a thread that was already around but has simply been refreshed over the past year. This was clearly a tough category for some as there were a few members who skipped this category altogether. Given the size of the website, I suppose it is tough to pick out one particular topic thread but there were actually nine put forward:
The winner by a clear mile though was created by Bevchenko: Category 4 - Best Thread Starter
Previous Winners: Mark, Bevchenko (x4).

Who has been creating the best threads in 2014? Bevchenko has gained a reputation for creating a topic and then simply saying 'discuss'. This type of tactic led to four awards on the trot in this category before the trend was broken last year. Bevchenko did come close to winning the award back this year but failed to do so. wato20 and Kenny Dalglish's Smile also gain honourable mention while votes were also made in favour of nexima and Rapinoe. However, reclaiming the award for a second year running is Mark.

Category 5 - Most Intelligent
Previous Winners: JohnLocke (x2), Tapani, Alan (x2).

Now this must be a category that everyone would like to win, to be recognised by your peers as a member who provides valuable thoughts and input for the community. It's a highly coveted award as we've received the highest number of votes for this category in particular. Receiving multiple votes but not winning the award were Craig Forrest, Dermotron, faz44 and Tapani. ajvonkrondor, Baron Zbing, London35, milo, The Eejit and wato20 are others who also picked up a vote but the winner is a man who reclaims it for a third year running, it's JohnLocke.

Category 6 - Best Newbie
Previous Winners: Nikolayov, wato20, Topofthekop, Royce Gracie, Ruben.

This award tends to see new faces who have gone on to play an important part of our community. With the site promoting such an old game, it cannot be underestimated how important it is to have new faces joining our community at this stage. It's once again a popular award with the likes of BobMem, mkskozienice, PepeP, samsami, trunky and vinjwoods being nominated. In the end though, it was a two way battle between two members who play their own part in sections of the website. Beating Rapinoe to the award, it's faz44.

Category 7 - Funniest Poster
Previous Winners: ozRooster, Haniel, GoofyZ, Lee, Alan.

Another popular award, this is one where we thank the relevant members for providing us with their humour and laughter in the past twelve months. Nobody has ever won this award twice which probably says a lot about how many characters that we have in this community who can keep us entertained. It's unbelievable how many votes have been made in this one with Craig Forrest and Goofy being given a mention while multiple votes were made for ajvonkrondor, ZanSnake, The Eejit and Beezer,Celtic1967. But we will see a joint winner for the first time in these awards and both come from Australia. I think you can guess who they are, it is the double team of Fodster and ozRooster.

Category 8 - Member of the Year
Previous Winners: Mark, Fodster (x2), Craig Forrest, Beezer,Celtic1967.

A very tough category in which to select a member, the member of the year could apply to any aspect of the website. Someone who keeps the community alive with their posts, someone who continually works hard for the update team, someone who has released something that has helped the game, someone who helps with moderating the website, someone who writes a story that helps us to pass the time at work, there are just so many factors to think about! With that in mind, there is a huge variety of votes. Special thanks as well as special mentions must go to all of these guys who were nominated: ozRooster, giovanisantana29, Fodster, wato20, archibalduk, Nikolayov, Mark, mkskozienice and of course, the CM 01/02 Update Team. But, receiving the award for the first time for his singular efforts all over the website is Dermotron.

Category 9 - Best Staff
Previous Winners: Dermotron (x2), Fodster, Mark, FranzFerdinand.

Another tough category for the community to vote on as not everybody will understand the efforts that go into keeping the game alive, especially behind the scenes. That not only applies to the CM 01/02 Update Team but also to the members who help to develop patches, to those who release tactics, to those who help out in technical support and even those who help the website out with social media. With that in mind, nominations were made for Nikolayov, Fodster, ebfatz, Mark, mkskozienice and milo. But the winner is a man who picks up a second award in a row and has single handedly kept the CM 01/02 Update Team going despite huge changes to his personal life, it's Dermotron.

Category 10 - Best Foreigner
Previous Winners: info0, ozRooster, Patinoz, merkezekrem, Craig Forrest, Kubano1984.

To clarify, as this is a website run from the UK, the term 'foreigner' generally applies to anyone outside of the United Kingdom. It is fantastic that we have such a global community and that this game still has a pull all over the world. Previous winners merkezekrem, ozRooster and info0 also nominated once more and came very close to reclaiming the award. We also had honourable mentions for Zé, Rapinoe, milo and mkskozienice. The winner though is another who has won this one before, it's one Craig Forrest.

Category 11 - Post of the Year
Previous Winners: Insert Faces (Fodster), Photoshopped Alan (Craig Forrest), Rant at Fodster (Pasquale), Churky Makes Punishment (Pasquale).

A very tough award as it does require our community to actually think back to the events of the past 12 months and consider any posts that were memorable. Usually one reserved for a comedic moment that is traditionally won by Pasquale, we've seen two different winners in the past two years. Major thanks to those who actually did make a nomination in this category and especially to those who actually made the effort to provide me with a link as well. Unfortunately, there were some nominations made where a link was not provided nor was I able to search for it and as a result, these were not included. There 11 nominations put forward altogether:
The winner though is a post that was actually made in the Chat Box by colml. Category 12 - Moment of the Year
Previous Winners: Return of Mark as the owner, WelshRed taking over the website, the split of the CM 01/02 Update Team, the Michael Jackson debate.

2014 certainly seems to have been a peaceful year compared to previous years, doesn't it?! Without anything major that occurred, what then was declared as the moment of the year? We had several nominations:
  • The Nigerian scammer with a sign saying 'I love CM 01/02'.
  • Fodster finding a girlfriend.
  • AMC, faz44 and Redknapp69 meeting up in Madrid.
  • Shoutbox Comedy.
  • Trust_In_Klinsmann declaring that USA could win the World Cup.
  • giovanisantana setting the year as 1998 in CM 00/01.
  • Jesus winning the Dream Team League - Season 3.
  • The release of the October 2014 Data Update.
The winner though was the Return of Tapani.

Category 13 - Best Story
Previous Winners: Are You The Next - Series 4 (wato20), Are You The Next - Series 3 (wato2), A to Z (The Eejit), 25 Years of Hurt or Glory (Mark).

One of the most popular sections of the website is where we can keep up with those who like to write a story about their current adventures in CM 01/02. We have had an amazing 11 stories put forward:
The award is actually going to be shared between two members who have both put an amazing amount of effort into their story which has helped us all to while the hours away. A huge deserved award for wato20 and The Eejit:
2014 - Hall of Fame Inductee
Previous Winners: Dermotron, Tapani.

Last but not least, we have a very special category in which the winner is not picked by the community but by myself! It is an award which was specially created for Tapani and has only been issued to one member since (Dermotron in 2013). It recognises an individual who have put their heart and soul into the community in some way, shape or form.

This particular winner for 2014 goes back a long way in his start to virtual life here at www.champman0102.co.uk. It was when this website was actually run on phpBB (before vBulletin!) and I can recall now when he first arrived on the scene as a complete novice in not just how the game works but also in how to use his computer! I look back now with fondness (though perhaps not at the time!) at the numerous issues and queries that came up that became well known as 'beezering' but I am pleased to say that it all worked out in the end and especially to the benefit of our community as he soon got involved in the CM 01/02 Update Team and become an 'Updater'. It is, of course, Beezer,Celtic1967.

Beezer's knowledge of the game is second to none and it is that commitment and dedication to the cause that allowed Beezer to work his way up the ladder on to the 'Board' of the CM 01/02 Update Team and there he has remained as a key individual until this year. As a lot of work goes on behind the scenes, some of you will not be able to appreciate just how much work and research that Beezer has put into studying the logistics of the game. It is such knowledge that had become vital and has generated some very fascinating discussion and results within the team.

Of course, Beezer is also a well known individual to the public outside of the team! A very enthusiastic individual (though perhaps too much with regards to his boyhood Celtic (hail hail!) and Scottish politics!), Beezer has become a recognisable figure in our community.

This award comes at a very sad time for the CM 01/02 Update Team. Sadly, Beezer made the decision before Christmas to step down from the CM 01/02 Update Team altogether although he has indicated a willingness to help with research in the future. I sincerely wish Beezer the very best of luck in his future endeavours and hope you will all join me in thanking Beezer for the countless amount of hours and effort that he has put into updating the game and of course, keeping it alive. There will never be anybody quite like Beezer again, of that I can be sure!

Thank you and congratulations on your award, Beezer,Celtic1967.
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