[AWARDS] champman0102.co.uk Awards - 2015

The Hall of Fame consists of memorable topics, stories, CM 01/02 Legends, awards and members who have made a huge contribution to CM 01/02 over the years,
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[AWARDS] champman0102.co.uk Awards - 2015

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[CENTER]champman0102.co.uk Awards - 2015[/CENTER]

The time has come at long last... The www.champman0102.co.uk Awards for 2015!

First of all, apologies that I have not got around to announcing the results until now. Work has been fairly hectic since returning to the office after Christmas and I have been keeping up the commitments elsewhere on the site!

Thank you to all those who have spent the time to respond to my initial private messages about casting your votes for the rewards, particularly those who have shared links with me to use in the awards as well which was a time saver.

2015 has been a great year for the site as we've continued to provide data updates to the public while there have also been several key moments in the year with certain fixes found that has undoubtedly enchanced the experience of playing the game, not to mention the return of Tapani for another patch as well. As always, the hard work of individuals within the community has kept the website going and hopefully it'll continue throughout 2016. Many, many thanks to all of you!

Without further ado, let's get straight into each category to learn who has won an award which sees them pick up a one year subscriptions as a VIP!

Category 1 - Most Blatant Post Booster
Previous Winners: info0, Fodster (x2), m0ri, Champman01/02, BeezerCeltic1967.

It's a hard category for the community to name a member as the most blatant post booster which may not be an award one would look to achieve. Some have opted to vote for someone with a high volume of posts but with some quality in there. No less than 10 nominations were put forth with Mark (yes, me?!), LeVoyeur, Pasquale, faz44, AJ, Goofy and Fiestita receiving a vote each. Some perhaps understandable and some not quite so! There were three members with more than a single vote though as Beezer,Celtic1967 and Fodster were put forth as potential winners but samsami is the winner of this category despite being a regular member in the story writing area.

Category 2 - Most Improved Poster
Previous Winners: BobMem, Fabbs, Jesus, Dermotron, Lee, Brian, Fodster.

An award which defines a poster's progress in the community where they may have perhaps had an indifferent start. There were some surprising names put forth given that they may not have necessarily had a negative reaction from the community in the first place. But some have certainly gone on to make an impact in some way or another as JayFlo, saturn, ilovesanmarino, BobMem, Coys, Pegster, pyromyst, Golly and Beezer,Celtic1967 picked up a vote each. In the end, it was between two members to win the award and Fodster received more votes than Jesus to pick up the award for a second year running.

Category 3 - Best Thread
Previous Winners: Screenshots, "Are you fuc@ing kidding me?", FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, BABES BABES BABES (x2), Albert Van Bevan and the great Nigerian scam.

There have been numerous entries for this category to the point where I almost lost count! Last year's winner by Bevchenko for Albert Van Bevan and the great Nigerian scam actually got a nomination again which suggests the voter was confused about what year he was in. There were some very credible nominations put forth though with the Mental Health thread put forth along with the Funny Pictures and Videos thread and the Twenty Questions thread. The Screenshots thread made an appearance in the votes too along with Personal Managerial Habits/Rules and CM01/02 running (with new updates) on android tablets/phones. All very worthy nominations indeed! The fix for applying for jobs abroad thread also got a mention along with CM Vipers. The winner though was the 'Patch 2.21 Beta' thread which marked Tapani's surprise return to the community with a patch to shock us all, a thread that yielded over 22,000 views in just four months!

Category 4 - Best Thread Starter
Previous Winners: Mark (x2), Bevchenko (x4).

This category is to recognise an individual who keeps the community alive with their topics that evokes discussion. It's an award that has only been shared by Mark and Bevchenko in the past 6 years and they once again dominate the votes. Fodster, LeVoyeur and saturn received votes as well but the winner once again is Mark.

Category 5 - Most Intelligent
Previous Winners: JohnLocke (x3), Tapani, Alan (x2).

An excellent award to be recognised by your fellow members as the most intelligent in the community. It's an award that has often been dominated by those with the know-how in patchnig and programming and that is indeed the case once more for 2015. Goofy, trunky, mohsin, Dermotron, London35 and Baz all received a vote each while Erkifino was also mentioned a few times too. However, the winner beats Tapani to the award and very narrowly indeed. For his hard work and a discovery that changed the game, it is saturn.

Category 6 - Best Newbie
Previous Winners: Nikolayov, wato20, Topofthekop, Royce Gracie, Ruben, faz44.

So many in the community have been around for so long that we very rarely see new members not just registering on to the website but also become a fixture in the place as well. Indeed, there are some who have actually been around for a while that have received a vote this year such as faz44 once more and Kaneman. samsami was also recognised here for this year along with LeVoyeur, PepeP, Taribowestsleftfoot and Fiestita. However, the award deservedly goes to Papalzru who has made an immediate impression on the community in getting involved on the interactive side of things here.

Category 7 - Funniest Poster
Previous Winners: ozRooster (x2), Haniel, GoofyZ, Lee, Alan, Fodster.

Who genuinely made you chuckle throughout the year? Fodster shared this award with ozRooster in 2014 and he was once again a strong contender to reclaim it for himself this year. However, it was not to be along with AJ, ajra21, BobMem or Beezer,Celtic1967. Instead, the award goes to trunky who has come out with some absolute stormers in the past 12 (13!) months.

Category 8 - Member of the Year
Previous Winners: Mark, Fodster (x2), Craig Forrest, Beezer,Celtic1967, Dermotron.

Who has made the biggest contribution to champman0102.co.uk in 2015? There have been plenty of individuals contributing to the cause and no less than 12 names were put forth. Jesus, saturn, wato20, Mark, Dermotron, BobMem, Baz, Tapani, milo, Fodster, Redknapp69 and AJ have all been recognised with votes by their fellow members. Only three managed to get more than one vote though and winning a second award for this year is saturn!

Category 9 - Best Staff
Previous Winners: Dermotron (x3), Fodster, Mark, FranzFerdinand.

Dermotron won this award for a second year running in 2014. Once again, he was up there with most of the votes along with Mark. The winner is someone who hasn't won the award before though and is a hugely deserved too as milo picks up the award. Special mentions must also go to Baz, Tapani, BobMem and colml although the latter isn't actually a moderator on the website!

Category 10 - Best Foreigner
Previous Winners: info0, ozRooster, Patinoz, merkezekrem, Craig Forrest (x2), Kubano1984.

As a website classed as 'UK based', we have an award for our global following in the community which has been won by numerous individuals in the past including Craig Forrest who won it for a second time last year. Indeed, Craig Forrest came close to making it three times after he was nominated along with Vèrkûh, giovanisantana29, Baron Zbing, merkezekrem, Janis89, mkskozienice, milo and trunky(!). However, the winner is a worthy one as AJ has been a member here for quite some time and has been back with us as a regular for the past couple of years once again.

Category 11 - Post of the Year
Previous Winners: Insert Faces (Fodster), Photoshopped Alan (Craig Forrest), Rant at Fodster (Pasquale), Churky Makes Punishment (Pasquale), You may need some lube for that (colml).

A very tough category indeed as it requires people to think back over the past 12 months and find a specific post that stuck in their memory for one reason or another. There were actually seven nominations altogether:
The winner is trunky's humerous post about The Gaffer after there had been a lull in games for CM Vipers!

Category 12 - Moment of the Year
Previous Winners: Return of Mark as the owner, WelshRed taking over the website, the split of the CM 01/02 Update Team, the Michael Jackson debate, the Return of Tapani.

Tapani had made a memorable return in 2014 with the release of a new patch and after another spell in hiatus, another return late in 2015 was also high up in the voting for the 'Moment of the Year'. Other occasions also made it into the voting such as the release of the October 2015 Data Update, the discovery of running CM 01/02 on a tablet or phone and also the success of CM Vipers winning promotion from the Conference. The winner was clear though as his contribution to the website was once again recognised after working out a fix for applying for jobs abroad. Congratulations, saturn!

Category 13 - Best Story
Previous Winners: Are You The Next - Series 4 (wato20), Are You The Next - Series 3 (wato2), A to Z (The Eejit), 25 Years of Hurt or Glory (Mark), Are You The Next - Series 5 (wato20), It's Fergie Time (The Eejit).

You can lose yourself in the imagination of our story writers and once again, there are some very credible nominations put forward as the Best Story of 2015. wato20 has been a prominent figure in this area over the years and he was indeed once again among the votes for a a remarkable 6th series of Are You The Next. Altogether, there were 10 nominations made by the community:
The winner is a relatively new name in the awards as he wrote a story that actually involved the management of three clubs in his single story which has since been added to the Hall of Fame. The Pozzo Model, written by loyal_royal1 is indeed an excellent story involving the management of Watford, Udinese and Granada who are owned by the same company in real life.

2015 - Hall of Fame Inductee
Previous Winners: Dermotron, Tapani, Beezer,Celtic1967.

A prestigious award which has only been won three times in the past who have dedicated hundreds of thousands of hours into the world of Championship Manager 2001/2002. The Hall of Fame inductee for 2015 is another individual who has contributed just as much into 'the game' as the previous three and is very richly deserved indeed. It all began a few years ago with the release of Flex where he'd managed to break down changes for the game into one single click of a button within his program. Approximately, 27 versions of Flex have been released over the years which included several features such as team swap, speed adjuster, colour adjuster and a tool to release all players in the game. That led to the release of Flex 2 which featured even more applications to edit the game in any wish you wish. Most recently though, we've seen the release of the 'JLCollection' which puts all of his best work together into one.

His contribution doesn't end there either. A huge amount of effort has gone into searching and providing offsets which alters the game engine in some way, shape or form. He's responsible for numerous of offsets which has paved the way for others to expand their knowledge into the game which cannot be underestimated in the slightest.

I'm sure you'll have worked it out by now but this year's Hall of Fame inductee is JohnLocke (aka Hugo9)!

Congratulations to all of our winners for 2015. It goes without saying that you've all played a part in 'keeping the game alive' and long may it continue!
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