[AWARDS] champman0102.co.uk Awards - 2016 by Baz

The Hall of Fame consists of memorable topics, stories, CM 01/02 Legends, awards and members who have made a huge contribution to CM 01/02 over the years,
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[AWARDS] champman0102.co.uk Awards - 2016 by Baz

Post by Mark »

All the nominations and votes are in and have been counted and verified by a rather bemused Mrs Baz, but she's proved useful for something this Bank Holiday Monday, so in less in depth fashion as our saviour Mark, here are the results of the vote.

Most Blatant Poster Booster
Previous Winners: Info0, Fodster (2), M0ri, Champman0102, Beezer, Samsami

So the first award is one that some strive for, others don't realise they're doing, and for some just post because they enjoy it. Fods has won this award more times that he's probably pleased about, and we had 6 nominations for the award this time. Previous winner Samsami was again nominated, so was two time winner Fods. Also nominated are London35, Wayupna, Info0, & 316'sRegen.

The winner of the award is Fods who extends his lead of the most blatant post booster in the history of the forums. Nice one Fods

Most Improved Poster
Previous Winners: BobMem, Fabbs, Jesus, Dermotron, Lee, Brian, Fodster (2)

The second award of the evening if for the most improved poster over the past 12 months. Fods again is leading in terms of awards given and again is nominated for this award. Also nominated is AMC, The Eejit/Kingsley, Saturn, & Ste.

The winner of the award, and humorously picking up most improved poster alongside most blatant post booster is Fods, beers are on you tonight Fods!

Best Thread
Previous Winners: Screenshots, "Are you fuc@ing kidding me?", FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, BABES BABES BABES (x2), Albert Van Bevan and the great Nigerian scam, Patch 2.21 Beta

Onto the next award, which is the best thread award. Just the 5 nominations for this award, and they are as follows: Auction Fantasy Football Premier League Discussion 2016/17, The Alphabet Game, English Research Thread, Saturns Patch & Screenshots. It tickles me that one thread is not viewable to the general public but hey all is good.

The winner of the award, by a close margin is Auction Fantasy Football Premier League Discussion 2016/17, which you can find at the following link: http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=8539

Best Thread Starter
Previous Winners: Mark (3), Bevchenko (4)

Onto an award that's only ever been won by Mark and Bevvy. Shockingly there are 5 nominations, and there's not one for Bevvy, need to up your game son. Mark has again been nominated as have Redders, Marc1986, Desp & Samsami.

The winner of the award is obviously Mark so he now ties Bevs record of winning the award 4 times. We need to break this cycle in 2017 peeps.

Most Intelligent
Previous Winners: JohnLocke (3), Tapani, Alan (2), Saturn

Onto the award everyone wants to win haha. We have 6 nominations for this one, and I can reveal the nominations are: Craig Forrest, Ebfatz, CMCZ, Saturn, Jesus & Redders. I really should do some long winded smeg here, but my food is ready so onwards and upwards.

The winner of the award for the 2nd year running is Saturn.

Best Newbie
Previous Winners: Nikolayov, wato20, Topofthekop, Royce Gracie, Ruben, faz44, Papalzru

As Mark stated last year, this is a tough one to track as new members are hard to come by given how long we've been going. The nominations for this award are as follows, can you guess how many actually signed up in 2016? MarkDuff83, Wayupna, Mcnamee19, Felix, PilgrimPete, Nurishi.

The winner of the award, despite joining in, well i'll let him tell you is PilgrimPete.

Funniest Poster
Previous Winners: ozRooster (x2), Haniel, GoofyZ, Lee, Alan, Fodster, Trunky

Some people try to hard to be funny, but for others it comes naturally, unless you're Fods and Trunky who fall somewhere in between. Both of these are of course nominated for this award and so is The Eejit/Kingsley.

The winner of the award by the skin of his tight wallet is my LBU member Trunky.

Member of the Year
Previous Winners: Mark, Fodster (x2), Craig Forrest, Beezer,Celtic1967, Dermotron. Saturn

Another big award, and it's member of the year. You can see by the list of the previous winners that you'd join some high quality company by winning this award, and the following people have received nominations. Mark, Redders, Saturn and the drunkard in the corner, Fods.

I can reveal, there is a first time winner of this award, and it's everyones favourite Ebaying Jack Scouser, Redders!

Best Staff
Previous Winners: Dermotron (x3), Fodster, Mark, FranzFerdinand, Milo

There's nothing like a bit of friendly competition between the staff, and the nominations are as follows. Tapani, Dermy, Mark, Redders, AMC and yours truly, yes, yes I did get a nomination haha.

The winner of the award, our esteemed leader, Mark.

Best Foreigner
Previous Winners: info0, ozRooster, Patinoz, merkezekrem, Craig Forrest (x2), Kubano1984, AJ

Not quite sure why I can't be classed as a foreigner, some for my other fellow Taffs as anything over the bridge is foreign land right :eyebrows: Anywho the nominations are. AJ, Fods, Mkz(Be smegged if I can remember the rest of your username)ce, Craig Forrest, CMCZ and Info0o0o0o.

The winner of the award, and raising his third trophy, is Craig Forrest.

Post of the Year
Previous Winners: Insert Faces (Fodster), Photoshopped Alan (Craig Forrest), Rant at Fodster (Pasquale), Churky Makes Punishment (Pasquale), You may need some lube for that (colml), Gaffers Alive (Trunky)

Not many nominations for this one, but they are as follows:

Saturns Patch: http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=9049
Story of Champan 0102: http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.ph ... 2&p=283300
Fods Rant to Ebay: http://champman0102.co.uk/showthread...909#post322909

The winner is, Saturns Patch.

Moment of The Year
Previous Winners: Return of Mark as the owner, WelshRed taking over the website, the split of the CM 01/02 Update Team, the Michael Jackson debate, the Return of Tapani, Applying for Jobs Abroad Crack.

I would normally go through the other couple of nominations for this award, however out of respect and pure amazement to everyone that has taken part, the moment of the year for 2016 is the Tribute To Chapecoense month. Truly deserving moment of the year that.

Best Story
Previous Winners: Winners: Are You The Next - Series 4 (wato20), Are You The Next - Series 3 (wato2), A to Z (The Eejit), 25 Years of Hurt or Glory (Mark), Are You The Next - Series 5 (wato20), It's Fergie Time (The Eejit), The Pozzo Model (Loyal_Royal1)

We all love a good story here, and it's become part of our community that we have some excellent stories each year and each update. We have three nominations for this award and they are as follows:

His Last Bow - Samsami
Nottingham Forest – Creation of an Identity, Lifes A Lottery (The Eejit/Kingsley)
Championship Manager Challenge – Siberia (Jomus)

The winner is, master of Harry Bow himself, Samsami.

Hall of Fame
Previous Inductees: Dermotron, Tapani, Beezer,Celtic1967, JohnLocke

The final award of the evening, and one the gives thanks to those that have done wonderful things in the time of our community. We've had a few weeks of discussion up in the powers that be HQ and after some discussion we've finally come to an agreement and this years inductee into the ChampMan0102.co.uk Hall of Fame is the artist formerly known as The Eejit, now known as Kingsley.

Under his two guises, Kingsley has been an active member of the community for many years and has contributed greatly to our close community, especially in the Stories section of the forum, which as you can see from above has even won an award for his stories. So congratulations to Kingsley for making the HOF, and I requested a speech from you in due course haha.

That's it for the awards. I'll sort all your awards for winning awards in due course, so here's to 2017, and get working towards next years awards, and let's try to break some of the monopolies on this awards!
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