[TUTORIAL] Creating AI Tactics

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[TUTORIAL] Creating AI Tactics

Post by Dermotron »

How to create/convert tactics for use by the AI

Tools required:

Hex Editor ( XVI32 or HxD )

Simple description of tutorial:

Load .tct file in XVI32
Change first four bytes to 73 B9 F4 07
Save as .pct
Rename to match original tactic from Data folder e.g. User_451_v2.pct > 451_norway.pct
Copy new 451_norway.pct to Data folder and over-write current version
AI will now use user created tactic in replace of original

Step by Step:
1. create or download a tactic for CM0102
2. Download and install XVI32 or HxD (linked above)
3. Load hex editor and open desired tactic from C:\Program Files (x86)\Championship Manager 01-02\tactics
4. change first 4 bytes to 73 B9 F4 07
5. save as .pct file
6. rename file to match original tactic
  • a. try to use similar shape e.g. 343 version to overwrite one of the existing 343
    b. BigAttack_343.pct > 343_default.pct
7. copy new 343_default.pct to Data folder
8. new tactic replaces tactic AI is will in game


- Try avoid adding Free Role to Player Instructions when creating a tactic as managers with high Free Role attribute (18-20) will favour any Free Role tactic over the Preferred formation set in CM0102ed.exe (CM0102 Editor)
- A "Preferred formation" can be set for AI managers in the Types tab of CM0102ed.exe
- Any user created tactic will be found here C:\Program Files (x86)\Championship Manager 01-02\tactics
- you can also add downloaded tactics or tactic packs (extract first) to the same folder