[TUTORIAL] How to take a Screenshot and upload it to the forum (Windows)

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[TUTORIAL] How to take a Screenshot and upload it to the forum (Windows)

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This is one* easy method to firstly take a screenshot and then secondly upload said screenshot to the forum.

*There are multiple methods but this one is nice & easy and anyone can do it.

Firstly your game must be open and on the page/screen in which you want to take your photo of. Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard (PrtSc)

Your screenshot will be something like this:

But some questions remain: Where is it and how do I edit it?

Open up MS Paint by clicking on your Start icon in the bottom left of your screen and scrolling down to W for "Windows Accesories". There you will find Paint. Open it. Look in the top left and you will see the image of a clipboard with the word "Paste" below it.

Click the clipboard and it will load your screenshot into Paint. Centre your picture using the scrollbar and look back up to the top left, a couple of icons to the right of the clipboard you can see the word "Crop". When your picture is centred and ready click on Crop and use the tool to draw a square around the area of the screenshot you want in particular. Now right click your mouse/pad and again choose the option "Crop"

You should now have your cropped screenshot ready to go.
Assuming you are happy with your finished product, simply click on "File" (above the clipboard icon from earlier) then "Save As.." then choose "jpeg picture" give your file a name and set your save destination.

Now to get it onto the forum....

The forum does not host it's own picture files, you must use a third party internet file host. There are several available and none is necessarily any better or worse than others, however some users have noted experiencing problems viewing images from certain image hosting websites. Websites that seems to work for most if not all members :

Go to imgbb and click on "Start Uploading". Select your screenshot from your computer and click "Upload".

Once your image is loaded onto the site you will see a box saying "Embed Codes" that has the phrase "Viewer Links" on it. Click this box and then scroll down and select "BBCode Full Linked"

This will give you a string of letters similar to a URL. Copy this URL-like string of letters/numbers.

Come here to the forum, open up the thread you want, scroll down to the "Quick Reply" box and paste your URL-like string here. If you click "preview" you will be able to see what your post will look like, including your screenshot. Click Submit. Done.